What do I need to translate for Citizenship in Canada

Application for Citizenship in Canada is a pretty straightforward and clear process. There are, however a few points good to know in order to have your application processed smoothly and without unnecessary delays.
When it comes to the translation, it has to be done by the certified translator with the affidavit attested by the Notary or Commissioner of Oaths. No translations from family members are accepted.
The document requiring additional attention when applying for Citizenship is a personal passport. All entry and exit stamps, entry permits with dates and visas have to be translated and officially certified. Translator has to put extra care to passport stamps as they are one of the most important evidences confirming that your residency obligations are met to qualify for Citizenship application.
It is also a good idea to discuss with the translator conversion of dates to Gregorian calendar from, for example Hijri one. It’s not necessarily an obligation for translators to do so, but will help to avoid potential questions from Citizenship officer.
Another attention requiring translation is translation of birth certificate to English or French. Spelling and dates of birth should be carefully verified prior to submission of your application. This rule is particularly important for non-Latin alphabet languages where spelling may vary or for countries where it is common not to write child’s name in birth certificates, for example, India. In the last case additional explanation might be needed.
Keep in mind that wrongly done and inaccurate translations may lead to delay of an application or additional questionnaires
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