Website translation in Canada

Translation of websites is quite a common service required more and more often due to the globalization and boundaryless trades between countries and continents.

For a company looking to expand sales of its products or services to a new market localization or translation of a website is an obvious choice. This step allows business to open doors to its clients and partners, deliver message about the offered goods to potential clients via the translated website. It could also be considered as an act of politeness demonstrating to a new perspective market that business speaks the same language.

Contemporary electronic translation systems are sometimes offering automatic website translations but their quality could be so poor that the business message itself might be lost or misunderstood.

That is why reputable and knowledgeable translation bureau is used by industry leaders to translate their websites. At DocsBase Canada we have over a decade of expertise translating and localizing websites for our clients.

Each and every website translation project has at least two out of three specialists involved:

  • Certified translator
  • Design specialist
  • Redactor/proofreader

Sometimes design specialist is not needed as we work only with the text provided.  Since all of our translators are native speakers of a target language they may also give useful advice on cultural peculiarities which are sometimes good to have reflected in the translation.

Entrusting your website translation to DocsBase Canada you may rest assured that our work would be done:

  • Correctly, not altering the initial meaning
  • Fast, in the pre-agreed timeframe
  • Uniformly, with all texts and links corresponding to the website design

Please feel free to give us a call to discuss details of your translations needs and come to our conveniently located office, we would be glad to see you! You may also use our free, no obligations quote form to receive instant estimate of our works cost.