Typical mistakes in personal documents translations

Have you ever had your personal documents translated? Then you, no doubt, have seen mistakes and issues with your papers. Very often at our Toronto office we face requests to correct someone’s job or correct what some kind of a translator from another country has done wrongly. However it is not always possible to fix someone’s mistakes, we are always eager to accommodate clients’ needs and either translate the document from the scratch or offer a translator’s annex with partial translation only.

Nevertheless, the list of typical mistakes we see starts with names spelling errors. From a simple typo to a completely wrong name written in a document. Usually, this mistake arises from the fact that writing system of languages differs from one another and there’s no direct analogy between them. For example, there are multiple ways to spell Arabic names when translated into English or French.

The second most common issue we see is dates. Situation is also quite interesting here: from obvious typos to more interesting cases when a translator did not understand a difference between dates writing system. For instance “03/05/04” could be read as March 05/2004 in Quebec or understood as May 03/2004 in France. Another good example is confusion between calendar systems when a translator tries to convert dates from or into Gregorian calendar.

Last but not least is error in spelling of places. Such a simple thing as a country name could be called quite differently as “Germany”, “Deutschland”, “Alemania” and so on. Needless to say, confusion also exists between cities and territories correct translations.

All the issues mentioned above could be easily avoided if a certified and professional translator works with your document. Simple proofreading procedure used by experienced translation teams helps to eliminate even minor issues in translated documents and ensure their acceptance by official jurisdictions without any issues.

At DocsBase Canada team located in Toronto we assist our clients with certified translations of personal documents for over 10 years. All of our translators are certified by ATA, OTTIAQ, ATIO and Government departments. With our rigorous translations check and professional experience we carefully and accurately prepare documents translations and certify them right at the spot. We serve clients all over Canada and USA delivering translated works for free to any place including New York, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and others.

Please feel free contacting our friendly staff at any convenient time. We will gladly assist you with accurate and mistakes free documents translations.