Translation trend

Translation trends in the modern world

Translation trends in the modern world

Nowadays, in this constantly changing, fast-paced business environment more and more pressure is put on professional translators. With the rise of machine translation tools, fast and cheap translation services of a low quality, higher and higher quality standards are raised amongst the professional translation community.

What took us days and days to process and proofread yesterday is turned into mere hours now. Communication between countries and continents has been raised to a new level same as the demand for translation services all over the world. With this demand, however, responsibility comes hand by hand. One minor translation or interpreting mistake may lead to a ruin of years of negotiations preparations and loss of millions of dollars. Under such circumstances, professional translation teams are also adapting new ways to deliver results. Machine assistance is used to increase speed of translation works; proofreading techniques are changing to catch the pace of professional linguists etc.

Another common trend is establishment of more and more translation companies using non-professional freelancers in their work. Quality of such companies’ works is more than questionable and clients have to be more than careful today selecting the right translation team to satisfy their needs.

Quite recently, our Toronto team has seen a case where a flow in translation of documents has lead to a legal case loss for the opposite side. A minor typo and the whole text meaning has changed to have a different meaning, this followed by a question of translation quality for the whole set of documents and eventually to the legal case loss. Interestingly enough, above-mentioned scenario tends to repeat more and more often.

By choosing the right team of professional translators to suit business or personal needs, clients may ensure that their documents and files will be prepared by experts in linguistic satisfying the most demanding customer.

DocsBase Toronto team of experts with over 10 years of translation works experience and individual certification of every member, would be glad to assist with any translation task you may have. Our team works to help you.