Translation services by DocsBase Canada

Documents translations could differ a lot depending on the type of text needed to be translated. For instance, translation of a marketing brochure is not the same as medical report translation. Each requires individual approach from a professional certified linguist.

Just being a native speaker of the target language is not enough. Education, experience and expertise could ensure that the translation is done accurately and correctly.

With DocsBase Toronto team you may be absolutely sure that our subject matter experts are dedicated professionals in language they work with. We work with different industry translations every day and make sure that the work you receive from us is no less than perfect.

Due to the number of work we do and our own in-house local team we could offer to our clients unbeatably good prices and fastest possible turnaround time. Every translation undergoes rigorous quality check procedure before it is finalized.

Certification procedure at DocsBase is comprised of a few steps:

  • Proofreading
  • Company certification with the seal
  • Translator’s individual certification with ID and signature
  • Notary certification (if needed)

This comprehensive procedure ensures that our translations would be fully acceptable in Toronto, all over the USA and Canada.

At DocsBase we do not use external personnel to guarantee quality and privacy of clients’ documents. Our in-house Notary Public works exclusively for DocsBase customers assisting you with creation of affidavits, power of attorney, and documents certification.

We also help our clients with legalization of certified translations for foreign jurisdictions and authorities.

Professional certified translators of DocsBase Toronto guarantee your full satisfaction. Simply contact us 24/7 by sending an email, dialing directly or coming to our conveniently located office at 5409Yonge St. suite 206 M2N 5R6 during working hours. We are here to help you with any documents translation needs you may have!