Translation of marketing texts and ads for Canada and US

Every business pays special attention to quality of marketing translations services as such help promoting goods or services of a company. It is hard to underestimate value of perfectly done marketing translation for Canadian or US companies. It is not just a visual text with information of a products and offerings; indeed, it is a message which has to trigger a potential client’s needs. That is why translation of promotion materials is not done word by word. Quite contrary, text is usually created anew in order to wrap sales pitch into the correct target language slogan. This requires creative and imaginative approach from the translator and even understanding psychology of buyers.

Correct marketing texts translations have to take into consideration cultural particulars of a target and source countries and languages. There could be jokes and double meanings not necessarily understandable for Canadian or US customers or vice versa: commercials texts and slogans from America and Canada are not necessarily understood if translated word by word for another country. Translation has to be created with national, traditional and social features knowledge and should always be done by the target language native speaker.

Specificity of marketing translations in Canada and US may also vary depending on the product or service advertised. Final aim of the translated marketing message is to influence potential client, speak his or her language and use correct lexicon. Last but not least, the linguist has to be familiar with marketing techniques.

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