Translation of manuals

Translation of manuals and instructions is a type of translation works requiring special attention and accuracy as well as deep subject knowledge. Sometimes, translation of a manual is something quite simple, for example, furniture assembly guideline or pet toy manual. Very often, however, we have to deal with instructions such as operations manual of medical sonographer.  Not only such complex devices are expensive and not easy to operate but they’re used to save lives and, apparently, additional responsibility is put on translators shoulders to work with the utmost precision and care.

When manuals translation team is gathered, it usually is comprised of the certified translator, who has enough experience and expertise to handle such a job, a proofreader and a subject matter expert who assists the translator to convey technological particulars, abbreviations and acronyms correctly. It is also highly recommended that the translator him or herself is a native speaker of the target language he or she works with.

Here, at DocsBase Canada, we work with translations of operations manuals and instructions every day and have gained for the last ten years a truly unique expertise in such areas as: law, medicine, technology and engineering, IT, marketing, oil and gas, manufacturing. All of our translators are certified members of professional organizations with degrees in linguistics.

However all work is always done in-house to keep privacy and confidentiality of our clients, we also have our own offices in Switzerland, France, USA, UK and Ireland which may assist additionally should there arise a need for legalization of translated manuals and instructions.

We always welcome non-disclosure agreement signing to give our clients an ease of mind and additional protection of interests.

Please feel free contacting our Toronto certified translation experts at any time upon your convenience. We are in business for your business.