Toronto translators: price guarantee

When selecting a certified translator in Toronto you need to be sure they are charging reasonable prices for their services. You will be surprised how much prices could differ from one certified translator to another. And, however surprising it may sound, quality does not necessarily increase with the cost. That is why at DocsBase Toronto we have a low price guarantee: our costs are lower than at any professional certified translation company across the country. Count on this promise and contact us today.

Here are a few basic guidelines on how to select a professional certified translator in Toronto:

  • Make sure they are certified and capable to perform the job, e.g. for immigration, PR renewal, Citizenship, Court application, divorce, marriage etc. This way you will ensure that the documents you receive will be accepted by the jurisdiction you are submitting your certified translation to.


  • Ask the translation company if they have experience working with a type of documents you have, e.g. medical documents translation is quite different from translation of passports for CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada). It is always good to have a translator with relevant subject experience in order to avoid mistakes and incorrect wordings in your documents.


  • Of course, price matters. Ask about the cost and what is included. Quite a typical example: taxes, delivery cost (if delivery’s required), Notary services etc. If additional services are needed for your documents submission, e.g. Notary certification for PR renewal, ask the translation company if they can also do it for you. Price guarantee may vary from company to company, make sure you know what you are paying for.

At DocsBase Toronto we proudly serve clients all over Canada assisting with professional certified translations for over ten years. In our team we employ local professionals including Notary Public, and accredited translators with recognition from Government departments, ATIO, ATA, OTTIAQ. Our prices always include full costs with taxes, delivery, certification and, if needed, Notary works. We guarantee your absolute satisfaction with our quality and prices.

Please feel free contacting our team today for your free quote and consultation.