Tagalog (Filipino) degree translation

Recent translation: Tagalog (Filipino) degree

At DocsBase Toronto we work with dozens of personal and business documents every day: from passport stamps and university degrees to corporate reports and marketing brochures. This time, we have worked with Tagalog (Filipino) degree translation and decided to write an article about it.

So what is so special about degrees from Philippines? Quite interestingly, they are usually written in English and do not seem to require any translation at all. If you look at the transcript of a diploma, for example, it seems to be similar to the one issued in any other English-speaking country. However, detailed look at the document usually reveals that a few subjects in transcripts are written in Tagalor (Filipino). Thus, the document will have to be translated into English or French if it has to be used officially in Canada.

Very often, such translations are required to be done for immigration or for admission to academic institutions in Canada. A professional, certified translator’s assistance will be required to prepare a document for you. Since an amount of work for such diplomas and transcripts is rather small, minimum price is usually charged for certification and document preparation. This minimum, however, may vary significantly from a linguist to linguist. It is always a good idea to ask around and compare prices.

Certification of a translator is another very important factor to consider when comparing quotas. Will your translation be accepted by official jurisdictions in Canada or abroad? Usually, a professional translation team would ask in advance where you would be submitting your documents to so that the certification and preparation is done accordingly. Sometimes, Notary certification might be required as well. If that’s the case, translation bureau may offer it you or you would have to seek for help somewhere else.

At DocsBase Canada office in Toronto we would be glad to assist you with translation of personal documents translation and certification from and into Tagalog (Filipino) and 140 other languages. Please feel free contacting our professional team 24/7 upon your convenience. We work to help you.