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Recent translation: Polish diploma

Usually, our Polish certified translators work with diplomas which are required to be submitted for Educational Credential Assessment for the purpose of immigration to Canada. Out of the five designated evaluation agencies, we often translate documents for WES, Comparative Education Service (UofT), and ICAS. Requests for translations for the Medical Council of Canada and Pharmacy examining Board also come pretty regularly but not as often as the previous three.

This particular diploma translation was interesting because it was done for the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.

Every time a client comes to our team for professional translation services, our managers ask for details on where the translation will be submitted to make sure certification requirements will be met in full. E.g. some Government institutions require Notary certification in addition to the translator’s seal. Before commencing translation works our Toronto-based team checks with the client and with the accepting organization all peculiarities making sure the document will be acknowledged without unnecessary delays.

In the case of this Polish diploma, our team had to dig a bit deeper than usual as translation requirements were not directly outlined in basic guidelines of the College. We have soon found, of course, that simple ATIO certification would be enough for the translated diploma to be accepted and no additional certification and corresponding extra costs would arise.

This example, I believe, clearly demonstrates how a professional client-oriented team should work: it is not only about simply and accurately translating your documents. Rather, our work is to make sure a client will be fully satisfied and will have no issues with the document produced by our Polish team. We believe that it is a matter of responsibility, honesty and trust which should define our daily work with every translation DocsBase Canada team produces.

If you are looking to translate your documents from or into Polish, please feel free contacting our professional and friendly team. We are here to assist you 24/7.