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How would you feel if someone sends you a message saying you’re a donkey? Does not sound polite at all, right? But that’s exactly what happened with the recent message Lindsay Lohan posted on instagram. Instead of inspiring her Arabic-speaking fans with the original message “You’re beautiful”, she unintentionally ended up calling them donkeys.

This is one of the most common examples of translation mistakes which occur when a machine translation is used. Try imagining what a disaster it could be is such a mistake happens in marketing campaign or contract negotiations!

Although non-professional, free machine translation might be enough for getting an idea of the meaning; it should be avoided at any cost when it comes to representing your business or when properly conveyed message transforms into money, documents and may influence the other side mind.

Likewise, when it comes to bilinguals, this does not automatically imply that a person with a good grasp of Arabic and English could automatically be deemed a professional translator. Rather often, we hear that “our company has a few Arabic-speaking team members; they’ll be able to translate everything”. This is a really surprising attitude when company reputation and money are on stake. Besides, budget priced professionals are available in Toronto and all over Canada and US. Just think for a second what may happen if a few terms are translated wrongly in a medical document. Why putting you, your company and your money at risk is all work could easily be done professionally and within budget?

If you are in need for quality and professional Arabic translation service, contact a trustworthy linguistic bureau with solid reputation and experience. At the end of the say, entrusting your work to professionals will save you much more money than the actual translation work may cost.

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