Certified translation for immigration Toronto

Translation for immigration, Citizenship or visa

If you are applying for immigration (PR) to Canada, gathering your documents for Citizenship or working on a temporary visa application, you may need some of your papers translated into English or French.


Who could prepare a translation?

According to the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) requirements, translations have to be prepared by an accredited linguist whose credentials are attested by one of the Provincial or Federal bodies in Canada or who would be able to provide an affidavit of accurate and mistakes-free work.

Frankly speaking, an affidavit is a declaration of a correct translation. Such a declaration has to be attested by a Notary Public or a Commissioner of Oaths.


What are the additional documents I would have to provide or prepare?

It is also mandatory to have a Notarized copy or original of your document to be sent to CIC together with the translation. Any Notary Public may prepare such a copy separately or have it attached to your translation. Usually, if a professional translation company has a Notary Public on site; it could be a one stop shop without an additional hassle.


What are the pitfalls?

It is essential to remember that every jurisdiction in Canada may have own certification requirements for translated documents. Depending on where your documents would go, they would have to be prepared with accordance to requirements of an accepting organization.

For instance, if you are applying for Ontario Provincial Nominee Program from within Ontario, your translation has to be done by an ATIO member; Quebec immigration authorities have their specific rules as well.


How to do it right?

Professional translation companies would usually be able to assist you with the selection of an appropriate certification level and prepare all of your papers accordingly. It is always a good idea to listen and ask questions before placing an order for translation.

At DocsBase Canada we have our own, on-site Notary Public. Our certified translators are accredited by government authorities as well as private organizations such as ATIO, CTTIC, OTTIAQ. If you are looking to translate your documents for Citizenship, immigration or visas to Canada, feel free contacting us upon your convenience. We work to help you.