Persian certified translations in Canada

DocsBase Canada provides fast, professional low cost Farsi (Persian) translation services in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), across Canada and the USA. You may fully rely on our team of individually certified domestic experts who will prepare your documents promptly and errors free.

At DocsBase you will find Persian (Farsi) specialists with extensive linguistic experience in such areas as medical, technical, financial, legal translation. We also professionally translate websites and provide transcribing services for Persian language. Of course, we work with personal documents every day and translate passports, stamps, birth, marriage, death, divorce certificates, academic records, diplomas, driver licenses etc. At DocsBase Toronto we do not use external service providers to guarantee absolute confidentiality and quality of our works. For our Canadian and American clients we provide certified Persian (Farsi) translation services which are accepted by Federal, Provincial, State authorities as well as by private organizations.

No doubt, we know the difference between Farsi, Tajik (or Tajiki) and Dari. With over ten years of translation work and offices in The North America and across Europe we have created the largest database of standard Persian documents from Iran, Tajikistan and Afghanistan. When a client comes to us for a quote, all we would need is to see the document and to know where it would be submitted. We will take care of the rest fully assisting you with the procedure, will explain you how the document has to be prepared and best ways to do it. You may also expect that is there are any additional certification needs, e.g. of Notary services, we will do it all internally by our own specialists so that you will only come to pick up the complete Persian translation. Fast and hassle-free.

Simply contact us 24/7 via phone or email or come to our Toronto office during working hours and we will professionally help with your Persian (Farsi) translation.