Passport translation: illegible stamps

Very often, when a need arises to translate passport stamps for PR card renewal, Citizenship procedure in Canada or Citizenship questionnaire, you realize that there are passport stamps which are not readable. This might be due to the fact that the border officer has stamped your passport too quickly, paint has faded away or your travel document has been wet e.g. under rain and stamp date has diluted.

In either situation, such stamps are marked fully or partially illegible when certified translation of the passport is prepared. No need to worry. Statistically, most of passports have at least a couple of such stamps and some globetrotters have tens of illegible notes and stamps. It is crucial to show clearly that your residence obligations are met and provide proofs of such: stamps translations, airline tickets copies etc.

Professional certified translators who work with translation of travel passports every day know how important it is to read stamps and translate them even partially to give a clue to an officer who will accept your documents of which day or month or at least year was it. Professional translators are also able to understand the difference between gates number on a stamp and entry/exit date. For example, lots of countries mark dates 03 25 15 14 where the last two or three numbers represent border gate number which is not always distinguishable if a stamp is partially illegible.

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