Notary services in Toronto, Canada

Looking for Notary certification of your documents? You are in the right place. At DocsBase Toronto we have in-house Notary Public who will assist you professionally with all documents certification and attestation promptly and inexpensively.

We provide services such as: true copies, affidavits (commissioning oaths), help you prepare declarations and many more. As a translation company in-house Notary, our expert certifies translation works and assists in preparation of documents for Legalization in DFAIT (The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ottawa) and foreign countries Consulates.

You may rely in full on our Notary Public professionalism and years of experience. DocsBase knowledgeable staff will always listen to your needs first and will help preparing documents correctly and in a very timely manner. We help with Notary services for immigration, citizenship, marriage, divorce applications, visas and other needs.

All of our Notary costs always include taxes so you are paying exactly what you see. No hidden fees or charges.

Please feel free contacting our friendly and professional staff for your Notary and translation needs in the Greater Toronto Area. Our experienced team will gladly assist you with preparation, translation and certification of your documents. We are available 24/7 on the phone and via email and during working hours in our conveniently located office.