Notary certified translations in Canada

Translation certified by the Notary is one of the most popular services due to the necessity to provide documents to official jurisdictions in Canada and foreign countries.

DocsBase Canada provides high quality certified translations with Notary attestation which includes:

  • Precise word by word translations from and into over 140 languages
  • Official certification of the document and Notarial attestation of translator’s credentials and signature

In order for the Notary certified translation to be done correctly, it has to be done precisely, without amendments and corrections. Translator has to mention in the affidavit that he or she is fluent in both target and source languages and that he or she has prepared the translation accurately. Translator’s stamp might also be needed to be present on every translated page or only on the title one to clearly demonstrate that the document has been prepared by a qualified Canadian subject matter expert.

When coming to the certified translations company you should keep in mind not only quality and timeframe for the order completion but also official certification which would allow the translated document to be accepted by the jurisdiction you are planning to submit it. Notary certification and accredited translators would assure and guarantee that you would not face unpleasant consequences of returned translation.

DocsBase Canada team works with every type of official personal and business documents:

  • Marriage, death and birth certificates
  • Diplomas, degree and College certificates
  • IDs including drivers licenses, passports
  • Work books, reference letters
  • Affidavits, contract agreements, proposals and many more

If you are looking for urgent Notary certified translation, DocsBase team will help too. Our translators will prepare your documents in the fastest time possible and in-house Notary Public will officially certify them for you.

Simply submit your documents by email using the form below or come to our office and DocsBase team will help!