Korean birth certificate translation

Korean family relation certificate translation

Every country has own traditions and own peculiarities when it comes to personal documents. Interestingly, Korea does not have what is commonly known as birth certificates. Instead, Korea uses so-called family relation certificates (or family census certificates).

Translation of these documents might be needed for a few reasons: immigration, Canadian Citizenship application, sponsorship of parents, visa application and many more. It is essential to remember that translation has to be done by a certified translator who would sign the declaration of true and accurate work (affidavit).

In order to register a child as a Canadian Citizen family relation certificate is not enough: it is also necessarily to obtain a certificate from the hospital where names of both parents, child and their dates of birth are written. Therefore, two documents would have to be prepared for the Citizenship application.

Translation of the family relation certificate has to be done by a professional linguist who would verify and check names spelling prior to the certification of the document. This procedure is important because Latin alphabet names spelling should be exactly the same as it is in other documents such as passport and drivers license.

At DocsBase Canada office in Toronto we work with multiple Korean birth certificates (family relation certificates) every day. Our experienced and certified linguists would be glad assisting you with Korean to English and French as well as French/English to Korean translations. All of the documents we prepare are certified and accompanied by translator’s stamp and signature. Additionally, if it’s needed, our team would be able to help you notarizing documents right on the spot in our office and legalizing them in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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