Iranian passport stamps translation

Iranian passport stamps translation. Tricky calendar

Every day we translate passport stamps and visas from Iran for the purpose of PR (permanent residency) card renewal or Citizenship application. One of the most common questions we hear is how dates on the stamps will be converted into Gregorian calendar and if CIC officer working with my translation would be able to understand these dates.

Persian calendar, also called Jalaali is a solar calendar used in Iran and Afghanistan. This calendar is mixed up sometimes with Hijri or Islamic calendar which is based on a lunar 354-days year. In order to find year correspondence between Persian and Gregorian calendar, add 622 or 621, depending on time of a year, to the Persian calendar date.

So, what to do if you need to have passport stamps from Iran translated? An accredited linguist, who is certified to perform a translation work, can not modify or alter anyhow what is written in an original document. This means that substituting solar year dates for Gregorian ones is not allowed in certified translations. A linguist, however, may add notes to the translation so that an officer accepting the document may see comments with dates’ conversion.

When you submit translation of passport stamps for Citizenship or PR renewal, officers want to make sure that your residency obligations were met and your application is eligible.

Usually, professional translators working with stamps from Iran are fully aware of calendars difference and could explain you how to prepare the translation properly so that there would be no additional delays in processing of your documents. If a translator could not provide notes, you may always do it yourself by submitting along with your documents a chart with Persian and corresponding Gregorian dates.

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