How to translate documents for Canadian visa or PR

Quite often, when preparing visa application or status change application or simply renewing your PR in Canada, you have to submit certified translation of your papers for CIC. This implies documents would have to be prepared by the professional translator attaching affidavit to the translation stating that the translation is done accurately. Moreover, signature in the affidavit has to be attested by Notary Public or Commissioner of Oaths validating identity of the translator.
To add more, CIC (Citizenship and Immigration) requires the original document to be Notarized meaning that Notary Public would have to create a true copy of submitted papers. So it’s always good to have Notary around or ask your translation agency if they could help with Notarization. DocsBase Canada team has been working with translation of documents for Canadian Permanent Residency and visas for over a decade and is always eager to help our clients. We have our own in-house Notary Public, our local certified translators and professional support team available 24/7. Complete set of documents required for immigration or temporary visa to Canada could be translated, certified and notarized at our conveniently located Toronto office.

Another commonly arising issue with translations for Canadian visas and PR is spelling. Most of translators completely ignore the fact that spelling of names and places in non-Latin alphabet may significantly vary when translated into English or French. So it’s always a good idea to provide spelling well before the translator commences work or ask for desired spelling before documents are certified. At DocsBase Canada, for example, we are always proofreading complete work together with the client so no surprises are awaiting you after the work is done.

You may always give a call to one of our representatives, send an email or come to our office. We are here to assist with any documents translation and certification questions you may possibly have.