Certified translation preparation

How to prepare documents for translation

It is not correct to assume that a professional translator can deal efficiently with documents which were nit prepared properly beforehand. Document translation could take longer or even require additional proofread which could have been avoided with the prior preparation.

So what could I do to have my documents prepared correctly? First of all, make sure that you send all the pages and/or additional stamps contained in your papers. For example, many birth certificates have stamps at the back which have to be translated together with the main page.

Secondly, if you are scanning your documents and send them by email, make sure that these scanned copies are legible to read and pictures are not cropped. It is quite a common mistake to cut passport page picture at the top or at the bottom when scanning it. This simple issue could result in delays of your PR card renewal or Citizenship application processing simply because many passports contain numbers at the bottom or top of the page. If the picture is cropped and passport number’s not visible, an officer may ask for additional documents, call you for an interview or return the application.

It is highly recommended that you check your documents prior to the translation and consult with a reputable translation company beforehand. Usually, translation managers who deal with multiple documents every day would be able to assist you with specific requirements of an accepting organization and verify that the translation would be done with accordance to all the rules and policies of Government or private institution where your documents should go.

At DocsBase Canada office in Toronto we work only with in-house certified translators whose accreditation is confirmed by membership in professional organizations such as ATIO, OTTIAQ, ATA, CTTIC. All of our linguists and translation managers have years of experience and expertise and would gladly help you with certified translation of documents, their notarization and legalization.

Simply contact our professional team today. We work 24/7 to help you.