Spanish translation service

How to find a good Spanish translation company

Finding a trustworthy Spanish translation company in Canada is similar to finding a great deal on a garage sale. You would have to pay attention to lots of details such as reputation, credibility, available licenses etc. Of course, it should also fit into your budget and time frames.

There are quite a few translation companies in Canada and in Toronto in particular which provide Spanish translation services. If you check prices you would notice that they may vary significantly whilst the most expensive service does not automatically mean you would get the best quality for your money. Same applies to inexpensive Spanish translation services: low cost does not automatically mean poor service.

How to choose the best


The trick is finding a company with solid reputation and certified translators who can do a great job for you. Here are a few hints you may use when selecting a Spanish translation company in Toronto or anywhere in Canada:

  • Ask whether translations you require would be certified and will the company adhere to the requirements of the accepting organization. E.g. will affidavit of translation be provided, will the translation be notarized.
  • Ask if a company will provide you a copy of translation before certification for approval
  • Check for references and for how long do they exist on a market
  • See who will work with your request: a secretary or is it handled by a professional linguistic manager
  • Do not be shy to call and speak to the person who would be in charge of the translation and certification process and see if he/she really knows what they talk about. Trust your gut feeling!

When choosing a highly regarded translation company you may rest assured that your Spanish translation will be proofread and edited before it is officially certified and sent or handled to you.

Still have questions on your Spanish translation? Feel free to give a call to our team. We will be glad to help!