Audio video translation in Toronto

How do I get video or audio recording translated?

Sometimes a need arises to translate a video or audio file from or into English, French or any other language. Typically, clients come to us for professional certified translation of audio and video files to be used in any kind of litigation process across Canada or USA. Another common reason is translation of short commercials or educational materials, marketing presentations etc. No matter how complicated or easy your task is, professional translation team will be able to assist you.

If you are looking to translate or transcribe your video or audio, all you would have to do initially is to ask a translation team for a quote. Evaluate quotes carefully making sure you are comparing apples to apples. E.g. if you would require Notary certification of your translation for the Court in Ontario or any other Province or Territory, make sure, it’ll be included in the price.

Next step would be transcribing: to put it simple, this procedure means everything recorded in the initial file will be put on paper for further translation. Experienced translator will always demonstrate you the result of transcribing before proceeding with the translation.

Lastly, the translation of the text is done. Now it is passed for proofreading and possible mistakes correction. On this stage the text will also be shown to a client for the final approval.

And only once the customer gives a green light, the text is certified by the seal, translator’s signature and affidavit of accurate and mistakes-free work. Sometimes, Notary seal might be needed to attest the signature of the translator.

Final completed work is usually placed in the office for pick up or mailed anywhere in North America free of charges.

Have questions or would like to request a quote? Please feel free contacting us 24/7!