How a certified translator can help with visa and immigration to Canada

Are you planning to apply for temporary or permanent visa to Canada and your documents are not in English or French? A certified Canada based translator will be of a real help in getting your documents translated into English or French for submission to The Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration of Canada (CIC). In fact, it is required that all the documents submitted for any type of visa to Canada should be translated professionally by a certified translator into one of the official languages of Canada.

Documents which you may need to have translated include but are not limited to birth, death, marriage, divorce, adoption certificates, passport stamps and visas, driver license and driving records, police clearance certificates, medical documents and many more. If you are applying for business or investor type of visa to Canada you may need to provide a translated business plan, previous business ownership confirmation, bank statements, corporation documents etc. It is essential to use professional certified translator who will provide such services for you, will consult on translation requirements to documents and will assist avoiding possible pitfalls.

Do not try translating documents by yourself, your relatives or submit machine translations. Needless to say, such translations could have serious errors and alter the original document message. To add more, translations done by self or relatives are not accepted by CIC and may submission of such may delay or even lead to the rejection of visa application. By using certified Canadian translation services you will secure your application from possible translation mistakes and misunderstandings.

DocsBase Canada certified translation team based in Toronto provides services to domestic and foreign clients for over 10 years. We can proudly say that with our experience and expertise we know everything about translations for visas and immigration to Canada. Our team translates and delivers documents all over the world and does so with the unbeatable Canadian quality and low cost.

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