Hebrew certified translator in Toronto and Canada

Looking for the certified translator from Hebrew to English or French? We can help you today. DocsBase Canada is the leading provider of Hebrew translation services for businesses, individuals, community organizations and government departments. Our certified Hebrew translators provide services Canada-wide including Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary and other places.

Certified Hebrew translation for individuals

Our professional translators offer to private clients a high-class professional Hebrew translation service of documents from Hebrew to English or French and from French (English) to Hebrew. We also work with over a hundred and forty other languages and will be glad to help with Hebrew translation to or from one of them. Personal documents we work with include but not limited to: passports, stamps, visas, drivers licenses and abstracts, marriage, divorce, death, birth certificates, medical forms and documents, tax forms and receipts for CRA, diplomas, certificates, transcripts and many more.

All of our Hebrew translations carry a certification from translator with designation from ATA, ATIO, OTTIAQ and Government departments. This level of certification ensures universal acceptance of our translations by official jurisdictions across Canada including CIC (Citizenship and Immigration), Federal and Provincial Courts and others. Typically, turnaround time for most of documents is less than a day but urgent translation is also available.

Hebrew translation for corporate clients

Our professional Hebrew translators proudly serve corporate clients all over Canada and USA for over 10 years. Our team of linguistic experts has expertise and experience in such areas as: law, medicine, engineering and IT translations, Oil and Gas, manufacturing, translations of marketing materials. All of our Toronto in-house Hebrew translators are certified professionals in their areas of work and are accredited translators in Canada.

Please feel free contacting our friendly and knowledgeable Hebrew translation team today. We are here to help 24/7 for your convenience.