French translation services in Toronto

No need to put additional emphasis on importance of French language in Canada.

French is probably the most beautiful language in the world called by many “the language of love”. French, at the same time is one of the languages of the United Nations and is one of the most commonly used languages in the world. About 300 million people on the planet speak French! Apparently, professionally done translation from or into French is a key to business success with francophone partners.

At DocsBase Canada Toronto office we work with French translations every day. Either we translate documents for Quebec or for the Consulate of France – our team is always here to help. Our French certified translation team consists of native Quebecois and native French speakers from France. This way, we cover all peculiarities and minor differences in slang, accents, acronyms used.

From personal French documents translations such as certificates, passports, driver licenses etc. to press releases, medical and technical documentation and website localizations – DocsBase French translation team in Toronto will handle it all. All of our linguistic professionals are individually certified by Provincial and Federal bodies and constantly enhance their translation skills. You may be absolutely certain that we understand and gladly take responsibility for your French translations and that documents prepared by us will be accepted in Toronto and all across Canada and USA.

Should you need certified translation to be used abroad, for example in Belgium or France, DocsBase team will help as well. We will prepare, certify and notarize your documents for any official jurisdiction outside of Canada or within.

If you are looking for certified French translation in Toronto, you are in the right place. Simply submit your documents using the provided form below and one of our personal translation managers will contact you in mere minutes with the exact cost including all taxes and needed certification levels. Our prices are always lower than in any official translation bureau in Canada and quality is always superior. Entrust your French translation needs to DocsBase, we work 24/7 for you!