English and French translation services in Canada and The USA

Translation from and into English and French represents the majority of works of any translation bureau operating in The North America. One of the benefits which will have the client requiring translation from and into English and French in Canada and The US is that translation will be done by a native speaker. This, in turn, means that the translation will be done in a better quality and, typically, rather quickly.

For a person not professionally working with English or French translations this job might seem to be an easy one. Apparently, it is much easier than working in a language pair such as, for example, Fijian to Farsi. However, we should keep in mind that requirements for English and French translations are much higher and stricter.

Difficulty of English and French translation in Canada and the USA is defined by text subject. No matter what theme the translation is, it should be read as if it is written by native English or French author from the North America. This task is not an easy one owing to the difference in language structures, grammar and even jargon used. To add more, it is essential to keep stylistic peculiarities of texts, for instance, medical texts should be very precise and full of exact terminology used by doctors in America and Canada.

The same applies to literary translations where the task is not only to convey the meaning of the original text but also to transmit via the text the richness and variety of artistic means of the initial transcript.

DocsBase team of certified linguists is working 24/7 for you for over a decade. We will gladly provide professional translations into or from English and French of any difficulty for only a fraction of cost you may find in other companies in Canada and The US.