UAE Authentication, Diplomas legalization

Documents legalization and authentication for UAE

DocsBase Canada authentication department – DocService provides legalization and authentication services of individual and corporate documents for UAE.

United Arab Emirates has Embassy in Ottawa and Consulate in Toronto. Depending on where you reside, you would have to use services of either one or another organization. Please note that it is not possible to use services of Embassy if you reside in Toronto and vice versa.


How does legalization and authentication procedure of Canadian documents for UAE work?

Before the documents could be used in UAE they would have to be authenticated by the Embassy or Consulate. Authentication (Legalization) simply means that the Consulate or Embassy confirms documents authenticity. However, to do so, consular officers need to be assured that documents are real. Therefore, documents or true copies of documents should first be validated by Canadian Authorities.

If you are residing in Greater Toronto Area, such an authority for you would be Official Documents Services of Ontario. This office would stamp the document and thus validate it to be used for UAE Consulate.

If you are abroad or live in any other region of Canada, you would have to authenticate documents in the Global Affairs Canada (DFAIT – Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade).

After the documents are authenticated by one or another Canadian department and officially translated into Arabic, they could be sent or delivered in person to UAE Consulate or Embassy. United Arab Emirates Embassy and Consulate may legalize documents within just minutes if delivered in the morning or have them released next day.

DocService section of DocsBase Canada provides full range of authentication and legalization services: we will take care of the translation, Notary, authentication and Consulate/Embassy procedures. Our team in Ottawa will make sure you won’t have to wait several weeks for documents to be released. All could be done within just a day or two.