ATIO certified translation services

Do I need ATIO certified translation?

Very often we receive questions on translation certification: who and how will certify my translation, will it be ATIO translator and how can I make sure that my documents will eventually be accepted by a particular organization in Canada or US?
Indeed, it is quite a tricky question for many since lots of Federal, Provincial and private organizations in Canada and abroad have their own requirements for certification.
First of all, we have to understand that ATIO is a private organization not connected with the Government. There are quite a few of such organizations in Canada: OTTIAQ in Quebec, ATINS in Nova Scotia etc. All of them are not associated with any Provincial or Federal authorities.
In most of the circumstances, translation of documents certified by one of these organizations would suffice for the document to be accepted by any jurisdiction in Canada. However, many Government departments may also require documents to be notarized before submission.
Moreover, there are a few exceptions which are making things more complicated for applicants: Quebec authorities often do not accept documents certified by another Provincial organization; Ontario also has certain limitations imposed on its Provincial Nominee Program applicants. If you reside in Ontario, it is required that your documents submitted for Ontario PNP are certified by ATIO translator. Another common example is translation of drivers’ license in Ontario: many driving tests are requiring ATIO translation, but also accept other Provinces certification.
So, what should I do? If you are not sure which translation is required in your case and how to do it all right, the best solution would be coming to a reputable translation bureau and speak to a translation manager. Usually, such companies are fully aware of rules of many official authorities and could professionally assist you.
At DocsBase Canada we employ experienced linguists with certifications from reputable organizations such as ATIO, OTTIAQ, CTTIC, ATA. Our translation managers have years of experience and expertise and would be glad to help you with your documents translation, certification for any organization in Canada and abroad as well as with the Notary and Legalization.
Please feel free contacting our Toronto-based team upon your convenience. We work to help you.