Diploma translation for WES

Diploma translation for WES evaluation

If you are planning to immigrate to Canada or simply have your foreign diplomas assessed for Canadian equivalency, you would have to use services of one of the evaluating agencies. WES is one of the most popular of them. If your diploma or degree is issued in any language other than English or French, it would have to be translated prior to being evaluated.

Translation for education credentials evaluation requires from the linguist accuracy and understanding of academic subjects in order to correctly interpret names of disciplines in transcripts. Translation should also be certified bearing a signature, a stamp and credentials of the translator who has prepared the document.

However obvious it may sound, but it is not just a diploma which has to be submitted for translation and evaluation. Transcripts are also essential for proper processing of your academic credentials and they should also be translated and professionally certified.

We are often asked about the cost and time it may take to translate degrees and diplomas with transcripts. However there is no unique answer for every document and every country where it originates from, usually, one diploma with the set of transcripts could be translated within a few hours. We always recommend leaving some time for a proofread, spelling check and certification so that if no rush, within just 24 hours of processing you will receive a complete certified translation ready to be submitted to WES.

At our office in Toronto we work with 140 languages translated and certified by professional in-house linguists whose credentials and high level of professionalism is acknowledged by membership granted by professional organizations such as ATIO, OTTIAQ, CTTIC, ATA. If you are looking to translate your diplomas, certificates, degrees for official use in Canada or USA, our professional translators will be glad to assist. Simply call or send us an email. We work to help you!