Certified translations in Toronto: how to choose the best

There are many offerings of certified translation services in Toronto. There is no unique fit-it-all solution so here are a few tips how to choose the best certified translator for your particular needs:

  • Know what you are looking for. Provincial, Federal government institutions, private organizations, Courts and Churches may have their own certification requirements. Ask the translator is he or she is accredited to perform this type of a job. Sometimes, a translator in Toronto has to be aware of specific guidelines imposed by accepting organizations, for example, Medical Council of Canada has direct and straightforward guidelines for preparation of translation submitted for education credentials evaluation.
  • Compare apples to apples. It is not uncommon to realize that what you’ve paid for is not enough to satisfy needs of the accepting organization. For example, CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) requires documents to be prepared by the certified translator with affidavit plus notarized copies are needed. Remember to ask a translation company in Toronto if taxes, Notary, legalization, postage (if needed) are included in the quoted cost.
  • Could be crucial when documents submission is time sensitive or translation project has to be finished within the desired timeframe. Meanwhile, some companies may lower down the cost if there’s no urgency.
  • Professionalism in the particular area. Ask your translator if he or she is skilled enough to translate medical, legal etc. documents.

At DocsBase Canada we have a team of Toronto based certified translators with individual accreditation from Government departments, ATA, ATIO, OTTIAQ and over 10 years of translation experience each.

We provide the most professional and inexpensive certified translation services in Toronto proudly serving clients all over GTA and across Canada. You may fully count on our professionalism and experience working with any of 140 languages we know. Our quotes always include taxes and possible additional certification you may require so that all you would have to do is pick up the completed document and submit it. Alternatively, we may deliver your certified translation anywhere  in Canada including Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa and other places free of charge.

Simply contact our team today. We will be glad to help you.