Certified translation of educational documents Toronto

Certified translation of educational documents

Studying in Canada is something lots and lots of people crave for – a chance to change your life for better, getting more rewarded job or even, eventually, staying in Canada permanently after finishing your academic program. So, finally, you have decided: an application for a College or University is filled and sent to the academic institution of your choice. Next step is submission of required documents as well as certified translations of your foreign educational documents and, maybe, education evaluation results of your previous diploma or degree.

So how to find the right certified translation agency which could assist you with documents translation and certification?

  • A certified translation is an accurate, word – by – word translation performed by a professional linguist
  • It contains copy of the original educational document, translation and an affidavit from a translator who has performed the job
  • Certified translation also includes a seal and signature of the linguist
  • Notary certification might or might not be required by a few institutions and evaluating agencies.

Professional translation companies are usually aware of requirements of academic institutions in Canada and could help you dealing with their requirements.


Potential issues with educational documents translation

It is important to understand that the certified translator is not allowed to make amendments and alter meaning of the document he or she works with. No additional comments or abbreviations decoding is permitted. However, an expert working with your diploma may make special, so-called translation notes helping you to describe an acronym to the accepting authority.

Another common situation is a poorly readable or fully illegible document part. In such a situation, the translator can not make any assumptions and has to clearly mark the named part as illegible.

In Toronto, we also often work with educational documents where dates are written in non-Gregorian calendar, for example, Hebrew year 5775-5776 or Hijri 1436. In such cases, the translator may also provide a specific note with conversion of dates or recommend you how to attach such a conversion to the set of documents you would submit to a University or College.

At DocsBase Toronto, we work with educational documents from all over the world and could help you with any translation, certification and legalization matter you may have. Please feel free to contact our friendly team. We work to help you.