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Certified translation: how to order

There are a few ways to order certified translation services. Frankly speaking, these options could be summarized into two general categories:

  • Ordering in person, by coming to an office
  • Ordering online via website, special form, email etc.

The first option is sometimes the easiest one if you are living nearby and have spare time to wait while the translation is prepared for you. This option is probably the best one if you are looking to translate a short document and need it to be notarized. Since the Notary will have to see the original of your document, it’ll be a good idea to step in and request translation and Notary services right in the office.

On the other hand, not everyone lives minutes away from our Toronto office or have time to come during working hours and wait even a few minutes while translation is prepared and certified. Moreover, when translation works require involvement of a few linguistic professionals, it is highly recommended to order certified translations via online means. For example, passport stamps translations may require a team of Japanese, Ukrainian and Spanish-English translators to work on one document. It is really impossible to predict workload of all our translators and guarantee that all of them would be available to prepare your document within a few minutes.

At DocsBase Toronto we always strive to assist our clients and make experience working with us convenient and pleasant. That is why you may submit scanned or photo- copies of your documents for translation via direct email sent to: order@docsbase.ca ; via online quote form or even share a link to your documents stored at dropbox or Google Drive.

Once documents are submitted, our translation managers look at them, making sure information is fully legible and will be recognizable on a paper when printed. Only after that we respond with the quote, timeline and our fast and reliable translation process. Submission in person works the same way: the translation manager analyzes your papers, gives you advice on legalization process (if needed) or explains any peculiarities of translation submission to official jurisdiction where you would bring your papers; then we proceed with the official translation for you.

Would like to use our services? Feel free to contact us directly via email or phone 24/7 or come to our Toronto office during working hours. We will be glad to see you!