Certified translation for immigration in Toronto: peculiarities and observations

Immigration to Canada might be a long and tedious process and require from an applicant attention to details, patience and strict guidelines obliging. When it comes to translation of immigration documents for submission to CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) in Toronto, a few peculiarities should be kept in mind:

  • Translation has to be provided for all documents which are not originally issued in English or French. Sometimes, institutions such as banks may issue forms which are duplicated in French or English, but make sure that it is full translation, not just a partial one. However obvious it may look for you, immigration officer will have to understand without any doubts that the whole document is fully translated without abridges.


  • Translation has to be done by a professional translator, preferably, the one with the experience working with personal documents. Why is that important? Professional translators know the way documents should be presented and how to translate correctly most of the abbreviations and acronyms in your immigration documents.


  • Translation has to have an affidavit: declaration from the translator stating the translation is true and accurate version of the original text. This affidavit has to be signed by a commissioner or Notary Public.


  • Spelling check: make sure spelling of all names in documents fully reflect those in your immigration forms and passports provided to CIC. It is a common issue in documents when translated to English or French from languages using non-Latin writing system. Be wise and provide to a translator a note with correct names spelling in advance.


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