Birth certificate translation in Toronto

Birth certificate translation

Translation of birth certificates is required for almost all authorities including Citizenship and Immigration Canada for permanent residency and citizenship applications, Canadian Embassies all over the world for visa applications and for many other authorities and procedures. Birth certificate is a template document, it is not a very complex translation, therefore, DocsBase Canada puts emphasis on accuracy of translation and correct spelling of the names. Also, we make sure that dates, institutions, numbers and all other date are translated without any mistakes. Quality assurance system deployed by DocsBase Canada will ensure fast and efficient translation of our birth certificate which will save you time and help make .

Usually, birth certificate translations need to be certified by a notary. Sometimes, you will be required to certify the copy of the birth certificate as true original which will be also done by our in-house notary.

Some organizations such as banks, employers, universities might accept translation certified by the translator only which means that you will not need notary certification. Our translators and notaries know all the requirements of different organizations and authorities and will always help you with the advice.