Birth certificate translation in Toronto

Birth Certificate translation in Toronto

Lots of applicants for immigration and Permanent Resident card are not aware that CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) requires all documents which are not originally issued in English or French to be translated. Such translations should be certified.

In this article we are going to look at the requirements of certification and will also discuss the most common questions asked regarding certified translation of birth certificates for immigration to Canada, Citizenship application, name change, marriage and divorce in Canada.


So what is a certified translation for immigration to Canada?

Certified translation is a literal, word-by-word sworn translation of the document presented to the linguist whose professional credentials are acknowledged by professional organization in Canada.

Such translation should contain an affidavit of accuracy stating that the translation has been done carefully and reflects the meaning and content of the original document. Such a statement should always include the signature, address, name of the translator, seal and membership ID.

Quite often, we are asked if an individual who believes to know English or French could translate his or her own documents and birth certificates. An answer is obvious: it is not allowed and here is an explanation why one can not translate own documents.

Additionally, birth certificate translation as well as translation of other personal documents may require Notary attestation in order to present them to CIC for visa or immigration application.

Usually, an experienced translation company may help you with a professional advice whether you may or may not require additional certification or validation of your birth certificate translation.

How to select the right translation company?

First and foremost ask for the credentials. Make sure that the birth certificate or other personal documents translation you receive would be accepted by Citizenship and Immigration Canada and you would not require making any additional steps prior to submitting your papers for visa or immigration. Professional translation agencies would always mention to you what would be included in their quote and how documents would be certified.

Secondly, ask for the price. Even though, price is not an indicator, it could be an additional marker of originality and fair work. Lots of companies are trying to lower their costs by providing machine (software) translations instead of human work. As a result, sometimes, you may expect things go wrong and your visa or immigration application could suffer due to additional processing and request for correct translation.

At DocsBase Canada office in Toronto we are proud to provide certified, proofread and officially certified translations of birth certificates and other personal documents for our clients all over Canada and abroad.

All of our translators are local linguists with credentials and certifications which guarantee your satisfaction and universal acceptance of our works anywhere in Canada, USA and other countries. Please feel free to contact our friendly and professional Toronto-based team today for your free quote and consultation.