Birth certificate certified translation in Toronto and Canada

There are many situations when certified translation of birth certificate might be required: application for Canadian or US visa, Permanent Residency (immigration) application, Citizenship, marriage, divorce (used as a second ID) and many others. If you are looking to translate your birth certificate to English or French or from English (French) into any other language, you are in the right place.

Translation of birth certificate which will be used for submission to any authorities has to be done by the certified Canadian translator with accreditation from Government body or private organization such as ATIO or OTTIAQ. These accreditations ensure that the translation of birth certificate done by such a linguist will be done accurately and professionally. Sometimes, Notarization of the document is also required, e.g. official jurisdictions may ask you to attach true copy (Notary certified copy) of your birth certificate to the translation or have Notary attest the validity of translator’s signature.

Moreover, foreign jurisdictions often require legalization of the birth certificate translation submitted to them. It means that the notarized translation will have to be additionally attested by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ottawa.

DocsBase Canada team located in Toronto will help you with all the named cases no matter how complex they are. We will take care of all documents legalization, Notary services, and certified translation to English or French or From French (English) to any other language of your birth certificate.  Our in-house certified translators and Notary Public will have your papers ready and sealed conveniently and under one roof. Should you need legalization, we’ll take care of it all as well. Our Toronto based team works for you 24/7 and serves clients all over Canada delivering birth certificates certified translations to Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa, Montreal and other places absolutely free of charge!

Simply contact us today and our friendly staff will accommodate all your translation needs.