Affidavit of translation

Affidavit of translation

We are often asked what an affidavit of translation is and whether I would need one for my translated documents. Frankly speaking, this document is a declaration of true and accurate translation work performed by a professional linguist. This declaration has to accompany every translation which is issued for officials in Canada, US or to be used abroad. For example, an affidavit is required for documents submitted for immigration and visas to Canada (CIC) and USA (USCIS). Many private institutions are also requesting an affidavit to be present in order to have official confirmation from the translator that the work has been done properly and mistakes-free.

Affidavit of translation is usually certified by a Notary Public or a commissioner authorized to administer oaths.

What should be on the affidavit so that it is accepted by officials in Canada or US?

  • Declaration that the translator is fluent in both source and target language
  • Declaration that the translation is true and accurate and reflects the original text without amendments and/or alterations
  • Translator’s signature, ID, membership credentials
  • Contact details of the translator
  • Certification from Notary Public or Commissioner

Professional translators who are members in good standing of Provincial or Federal professional organizations do not necessarily have to sign an affidavit with the Notary or Commissioner. However, it is usually required that professional certified translator provides a statement of accuracy and syntax adherence, attached to the translation work.

If you are in a need to submit certified translation of your documents for any official organization in Canada or abroad, contact a professional and reputable linguistic company. Professional translation company is always aware of regulations and policies of most of accepting authorities all over Canada, US and abroad and will be able to assist you in preparation of certified, notarized documents with an affidavit of translation.

If you have questions on affidavit or your documents translation, please feel free contacting our Toronto-based team 24/7. We are here to help you.