DocsBase Canada is very well able to satisfy translation demands by providing high quality professional translations from and into Seselwa language. We employ qualified Seselwa translators who perform all translations into Seselwa while translations from Seselwa are made by English language native speakers. Our Quality Assurance System that involves proofreading of all translations by native speakers specializing in particular area is a warranty of the quality, accuracy and adequacy of every Seselwa translation you receive from us.


We can provide the following services for Seselwa language:

  • Written translations from and to Seselwa including financial and legal translations, personal document translations, technical translations, business and personal correspondence translations, website translations and legalization;
  • Interpreting: simultaneous (suitable for major events) and consecutive (better for one-to-one communication, seminars, presentations, business meetings and for other purposes);
  • Urgent Seselwa translations of any text volumes.

DocsBase Canada will always translate your Seselwa documents within even the tightest deadlines and will comply with the highest translation quality standards.