Estonian is the official language in Estonia where about 1.5 million people speak it. It is also widely used around the world in immigrant communities including Canada.


DocsBase Canada has a specialized Estonian Translations Department that employs qualified Estonian translators specializing in their respective areas. This specialization enables us to provide fast and accurate translations from and to Estonian language.


We provide full range of translation works including personal, business documents, legal, medical technical and other documents.

Whether you are looking to translate personal documents, Court papers, medical papers or whole website for your company, DocsBase team is here to help!

Our Estonian speaking staff is comprised of native speakers and specialists who have as well as Estonian translators and linguists with vast experience in related fields.

Quality Assurance System for Estonian translations in DocsBase Canada is as efficient as in other languages and areas and we are prepared to meet all your deadlines and comply with your most demanding standards.