Why do I need certified translation?

We are asked this question a thousand times a day. Why can not I simply use Google translator and submit the result? Well, the answer is obvious: machine translation of a standard document would tell you something about pink elephant dancing on a roof instead of an actual meaning. Certainly, that is not what official jurisdictions in Canada, The US or any other country would like to receive from you and, we are certain, that is not what you meant to submit.

So lost meaning of the translation is one reason. Another one is responsibility. When translation is done by a certified professional he or she takes a responsibility for the work done. It implies that correctly and accurately done translation is, in fact, in the best interest of the certified linguist.

Last but not least is communication and accessibility. It is not uncommon for our certified translators to receive questions from accepting authorities e.g. checks if the work has been actually performed by us.

Considering all mentioned above, certified translation is highly recommended when it comes to work with official documents and papers.

At DocsBase Canada we employ highly skilled seasoned translation professionals working with one hundred and forty languages. All of our works are fully certified and accepted all across Canada, the US, Europe and other countries. With our years of experience and expertise we may proudly say that we know everything about translations and certification procedures. You may fully rely on us when a need arises to translate documents in any case: for the Court in The USA or Canada, prepare marketing brochure for Japanese consumers or translate medical documents from Cuba for acceptance on Malta. We work on a daily basis with personal certified translations of Passports and visas for PR (Permanent Residency) and Citizenship in Canada and the US and many more.

Simply contact our team today by phone, email or by coming to our Toronto office. Our support team works 24/7 to serve you!