Vietnamese certified translation in Toronto and Canada

We provide certified Vietnamese translation services in Toronto and all over Canada. Certified translations are those accepted by official authorities in Canada, such as Provincial or Federal Government.

At DocsBase Toronto we professionally assist our corporate and individual clients with professional and inexpensive Vietnamese translation services prepared especially for the purpose of universal acceptance by officials across Canada. Our team of linguists is located in Toronto and is comprised of native Vietnamese language seasoned specialists who are accredited by such organizations as ATIO, OTTIAQ and ATA.

We provide a wide range of documents translations from Vietnamese to English (French) and into French (English) from Vietnamese. Every day DocsBase Toronto translation team prepares passports, driver licenses, certificates, diplomas, medical documents for our customers across Canada and USA. All of our translations are proofread, approved by clients and only then certified and either placed for pick up at our conveniently located Toronto office or mailed absolutely free of charge anywhere in Canada or USA including Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa.

It is essential to select the most suitable translator for the project that you have. This ensures that the translation will be done accurately and in time. All Vietnamese translations at DocsBase are done by accredited professionals with degrees in linguistics and related industry experience. We proofread and conduct rigorous quality check before presenting the translation to the customer.

How long does it take?

Most of our translation works are done in less than a day. Of course, we inform clients well in advance of the completion time estimate and will be glad to provide urgent services if needed.

How much will it cost?

Our philosophy is that the client can get it all: time, money and quality. Therefore, we guarantee that our translation costs would be lower than at any professional translation bureau in North America. For the exact cost estimate please feel free sending us your documents and one of our personal translation managers will contact you in mere minutes.

We work 24/7 for you!