Translation for visas in Toronto

Translation for visas

Translation for visas in Toronto

Any documents submitted to support a visa application  have to be translated into English by officially certified translator. DocsBase Toronto possesses all necessary qualifications and certifications for that.

Standard documents that are regularly translated by DocsBase Canada for visa applications include:

  • copy of the main page of the domestic passport;
  • job reference that would indicate time worked with this employer, salary and all other relevant details (for students it would be a reference from their educational institution; pensioners – copy of pension certificate);
  • documents confirming your financial position (bank statement for several months, sponsor’s letter, tax documents for self-employed and business owners, company registration certificate and any other documents requested by a counsel);
  • copy of marriage certificate;
  • copy of birth certificate;
  • consent for child travelling certified by a notary (as well as copies of the parents’ passports;
  • other documents as requested by the embassy or consulate (e.g., documents related to real estate or motor vehicle ownership, copy of the documents confirming relations between the applicant and the sponsor.

Each translation has to have an assurance confirming accuracy of translation, date of its completion, contact details of translator, name of translation agency and other relevant details. Usually, those do not need to be certified by a notary unless the Embassy requires that the copy is certified to be true copy of the original.

Embassies check the documents and translations very thoroughly and any mistakes or inaccuracies can lead to delays in making decision or even visa refusal. Efficient quality assurance system deployed by DocsBase Toronto team will ensure the highest quality and accuracy of your translation.

In the event that the Embassy requests legalized or notary certified documents or translations, our in-house notaries will ensure it is done to the standards accepted by the embassy in question.