Translation for sponsorship of parents

Translation for sponsorship of parents

A lot of new immigrants are looking to bring their parents in Canada and give them a chance to reside close to their families and enjoy peaceful life in Canada. Sponsorship process, however, is not always an easy one. A family has to gather documents, prepare financial statements and demonstrate an ability to support their parents. When it comes to documents issued abroad, certified translation of such will be required for any paper issued in any language other than English or French.

CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) has specific requirements for certified translation of foreign documents. Every translation has to contain affidavit of accuracy from a linguist who has performed the work, contacts of the translator, his or her membership credentials from accredited translation organization, such as ATIO, OTTIAQ, CTTIC. Affidavit of translation has to be certified by a Notary Public or a Commissioner of Oaths.

The most common documents needing translation for sponsorship of parents in Canada are birth certificates of sponsored parents, marriage certificates of parents and of sponsors. All of these vital certificates have to be translated, certified and attached to the package of forms and documents presented to CIC.

Before submitting your translated documents, make sure that spelling of names in passports and translated documents are the same. This is especially important for documents issued and written in non-Latin alphabet. For such languages, there are different ways of writing a name of a person. Usually, a professional translator is fully aware of such pitfalls and will guide you and will advise to verify spelling even if you forget.

When selecting a certified translation team for sponsorship application, make sure you evaluate not only the cost of works but also professionalism and reputation of a company. Mistakes could cost dearly so why not avoiding them in the beginning. Spend a few minutes talking with the translation manager and see if he or she is aware f documents preparation process, certification requirements and policies of the accepting side. If you do not receive answers, you’d better look for translation somewhere else.

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