Standard documents translation in Canada

At DocsBase Canada we employ only local language specialists always native to the language they work with. Typical or standard documents we work on a daily basis are personal IDs, academic credentials, passport stamps and visas. It does not look to be a difficult task but it is essential to understand that truly professional translators work with every document individually, not using pre-created forms as a small mistake may lead to very unpleasant results for a client. That is why we strive to have only seasoned professionals on board.

DocsBase Canada services may be required in different situations such as:

Traveling to another country:  you may need to have your IDs translated before coming to another country. Quite often, certified translation of child’s birth certificate might be needed when traveling with only one of parents.

 For studying and working in another country: most of academic institutions in non-English or non-French speaking countries will require official certified translation of school certificates and diplomas. Rather often academic credentials and employment letters are needed to be translated and certified for employment abroad as well.

For permanent residency or citizenship application in another country:  Every country has its own set of standard documents required for permanent residency and citizenship. Most of such documents should be translated if this country is not an English or French speaking one.

For opening business in a foreign country: As a rule, minimum set of documents required for opening business entity abroad includes passport and translated articles of incorporation if representation office is opened. To confirm quality of products and company services certified translation of corresponding certificates may be needed.

With all of the named translation needs you may contact to DocsBase team via email, phone or by simply coming to our conveniently located office. We work 24/7 to help you!