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Renewal of PR Card: colour or black and white copies?

Every now and then we receive questions from clients seeking to translate their passport stamps for Permanent Residency Card (PR Card) renewal: should our passport copies be submitted in black and white or should we have them prepared in colour?

However simple this question may sound, an answer is not that straightforward. See, when applying for a PR Card renewal one has to submit a translation of all the entry and exit stamps, visas and permits which are not fully duplicated into English or French. Of course, this translation has to be attached to the original passport copy so that it is clear which document has been used as a source one.

Sometimes, immigration authorities from IRCC directly request an applicant to submit full colour photocopies of the passport together with its certified translation. In other cases, this request comes later, after documents were submitted to IRCC and were verified by them.

Is there a rule when to submit colour copies and when not to?

Such a rule or a guideline does really exist. However, as a generally observed pattern, it is possible to predict when such a request may come and when not.

If a person has been living outside of Canada for a long period of time, has travelled extensively all over the globe and his or her passport contains multiple stamps overlapping each other, there is a high probability of additional colour copies being requested during the PR Card renewal procedure.

Another scenario is when not all of the stamps are clearly visible on the passport copies provided. An immigration officer might have doubts of whether residency obligations of an applicant are met in this circumstance. This situation, most likely, would lead to the clear colour copies request as well.

Does it mean that I would better have these copies prepared in advance?

Yes and no: since everyone, obviously, want to have their PR card renewal process to go smoothly, they prepare translations and passport copies in advance. If your documents are in order, translations are done professionally and raise no questions; there is no need to confuse officers by sending additional papers. At the end of the day, the best thing one may do is show his or her documents to professionals and ask for an advice.

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