Bangladesh passport translation

Recent translation: Arabic stamps in Bangladeshi passport

Very often Arabic border crossing stamps translation in Toronto is needed for the purpose of Permanent Residency (PR) card renewal and for Citizenship application in Canada. Our team has been working on Bangladeshi passport translation quite recently with over 40 Arabic stamps in it. We decided to write this article to mention a few peculiarities we observe working with passports from Bangladesh.

Green stamps from UAE look pretty blurry on pinky-yellowish pages of Bangladeshi passports and require additional attention from a translator working with them. Sometimes, we even ask clients to bring the passport to the office, if such is possible in order to double-check dates on Arabic stamps.

Another interesting observation is a common misunderstanding of Bengali page numbers written at the top of each passport opening. For example, Bengali number 4 looks very similar to 8 and number 7 looks like 9. Many inexperienced translators mix these numbers which sometimes lead to confusion of the accepting officer.

In the passport we worked with, the number of Arabic stamps for translation has been decreased to about a dozen thanks to the fact that lots of such stamps are fully duplicated into English and, hence, were excluded from the quote.  Usually, we find time to go stamp by stamp with the client so that our customers see how the translated document will look after the certification. Where it is possible and permissible our certified translation team includes conversion Arabic to Gregorian calendar, for instance: “13 Dhu al-Hijjah 1431 AH (November 19, 2010 AD)”. This helps to avoid confusion upon PR or Citizenship application and ensure faster processing time of the application.

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