Recent translation: Arabic diploma

Arabic diploma translation to English and to French is a typical order our Toronto translation team receives from clients every day. Usually, such documents are translated for immigration or visa purposes. More and more Arabic diplomas are brought to us in Toronto for translation and certification to be submitted to one of education credentials assessment agencies, such as WES and Medical Council of Canada.

Translations of Arabic diplomas to English and French require particular attention due to a few factors.

First of all, spelling of names and places mentioned in the Arabic Diploma has to be checked as there are various ways to write such names when translated from Arabic to a language which uses Latin writing system. Usually, professional certified Arabic translator would ask you for names spelling well in advance prior to commencing translation works.

Secondly, calendar dates should be converted if in your Arabic diploma they are written in non-Gregorian calendar system. Again, experienced certified Arabic to English (French) translator would be of much help consulting how to do it correctly for each organization where you would be submitting your translated diploma.

Of course, lots of subjects in your diploma have different names in English (French) and in Arabic. Moreover, in North America (USA and Canada) such subjects might be called differently then, for example, in Europe. Having a certified translator aware of where you would be submitting your diploma translation would have him or her to prepare it properly.

At DocsBase Toronto we know everything about Arabic diplomas translation to English and French. Our team has over ten years of experience and expertise professionally translating and certifying all types of diplomas from the Gulf and other Arabic-speaking countries. All of our translators are certified by Government departments as well as ATA, ATIO, OTTIAQ, CTTIC which ensures universal acceptance of your translated diploma anywhere in Toronto and across Canada.

All of Arabic translations we make are proofread, checked for spelling issues and only then certified Notarized (if needed) and delivered to our clients all over Canada including Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver and other places. Our deliveries are always free of charges! Alternatively, you may step into our conveniently locates Toronto office and pick your translation there.

Contact our friendly and experienced Toronto staff today for your Arabic diploma certified translation, we are here to help!