Portuguese or Brazilian?

Portuguese language is one of the most commonly spoken on the planet with about 250-300 million people all over the planet using it every day. One of the most commonly distinguished dialects of Portuguese language is so-called Brazilian Portuguese. Independent development of the language has led to a situation when writing and speaking versions of both languages are different. This difference is not that significant and is usually comparable to the difference of American and British English. However, when it comes to documents translations, it is essential that the translator working with papers would be a professional of the dialect he or she works with.

To add more, there are cultural peculiarities which may be required to be reflected in translation to or from mainland Portuguese or its Brazilian dialect. Professional translators, who work with either one or another dialect, will always distinguish the difference between two texts written in Brazilian or mainland Portuguese. Grammar and spelling differences may be not that important when a document is translated from Portuguese to English or French but when translation is required to be done into Portuguese it is highly recommended to employ a certified translator with specialization in the target dialect.

At DocsBase Canada office in Toronto we employ native professional certified translators who are specialists in the language they work with. Translation services we provide are always done by a linguist focused and experienced with only one Portuguese dialect. This allows us to maintain the highest translation quality and prepare all translations so they are read naturally and mistakes free. At our Toronto office we provide services for individuals translating personal documents (passports, visas, marriage, birth, death, divorce certificates, driver licenses, diplomas) as well as for corporate clients preparing professional translations of business documents and texts in such areas as law, medicine, manufacturing, oil and gas, marketing.

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