Personal documents translation

Personal documents translation service

Document translation service

If you are looking to translate personal documents such as passport, drivers license, vital records or personal letters for submission to any official jurisdiction in Canada or abroad, it is required that you use services of a professional certified translator who will meet requirements of CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada), courts or any other government or private agency.

Typical requirement for certified translation is that it has to bear signature, date and certification from a translator who has performed the job. It should also indicate that the translation is done accurately and correctly.


Typical personal documents we work with

At DocsBase Canada office in Toronto we prepare official certified translation of the following documents:

Employment references – usually required by a perspective company, government officials for immigration or visa purposes

Birth certificates – could be required in many instances such as visa, PR card application, Citizenship, sponsorship application, marriage, divorce etc.

Marriage certificates – usually required by CIC and courts

Emails and correspondence – might require translation for legal proceedings or business resons

Drivers licenses – for the purpose of obtaining Canadian drivers license in any Province, submission to insurance company

Death certificates – often needed to be submitted to CIC or court

Affidavits, statements – could be required for many purposes by official jurisdictions all over Canada

Police clearance and background check – usually requested by CIC for visas and immigration

Passports, visas and stamps – often needed for Permanent Residency card renewal, Citizenship application

Divorce certificates – very often requested by court and Citizenship and Immigration Canada


At DocsBase Canada office in Toronto we prepare certified official translation of personal and business documents from and into 140 languages. All of our translations are officially certified to be accepted by any jurisdiction in Canada.

If you are looking for affordable and reliable personal documents translation service, contact our friendly and professional staff today. We work 24/7 to help you.