Certified Portuguese translation Toronto

Official Portuguese translation service in Toronto

If you need to have documents from Portugal or Brazil or any other Portuguese-speaking country to be officially translated into English or French to be used in Canada and all over the USA, you would need to get help from an official translation services company in Toronto.

Professional translators provide services which are accredited by professional linguistic associations, such as ATIO, OTTIAQ, ATA, CTTIC and Government departments. An accredited Portuguese language professional would have to demonstrate mastery in the language pair he or she works with, e.g. English-Portuguese or Portuguese-French and pass a specific test to obtain the needed accreditation.


Official certified Portuguese translation

Official Portuguese translations always include the original document, translated version of it without any amendments or alterations, certification page with translator’s affidavit of correct, mistakes-free and accurate work and translator’s seal, ID, signature and contact details. Quite often, Notary certification might be required by an accepting institution. In such situation, Notary Public will certify the document as well.

Finding a professional Portuguese translator in Toronto might not be as easy as it seems. Lots of companies may offer such assistance but it is always a good idea to ask friends, colleagues and simply talk to the representative to check how knowledgeable the translation team is and how experienced they are for accommodating your particular needs. Translation managers who accept your order should be experienced in all aspects of certification requirements, documents preparation and submission. If a person you talk to can not answer your questions, you’d better look for translation somewhere else.


Translation costs

When it comes to prices, they vary significantly from one translation office to another. You may, however receive a high quality work within budget. Just make sure you always compare apples to apples, e.g. when it comes to the total cost of the work, make sure all taxes and services are included. E.g. lots of companies would charge extra for Notary, postage, colour copies etc.

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